Storage & Management

    • On the spot pickup
    • Identification
    • Marking
    • Deposition
    • Order Management
    • Collection (piece / box / pallet)
    • Transportation / Delivery all over Greece
    • Management per :
      • LOT
      • Production date
      • Expire date
      • Part No
      • Serial No/ IME
      • FIFO / LIFO – FEFO
      • Multiple Barcode per SKU

Our company is capable of implementing all modern forms of product management.


Product transportation for resale or use

  • From storage spaces all over Greece
  • From storage space to store or vendor warehouse
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Cross docking






Airplane above containers

Management / Processing of imported goods from third countries

  • Customs clearance
  • Customs warehouse
  • Banking
  • Transport to warehouse






Reverse logistics

  • Collection
  • Recognition
  • Transfer to control warehouse (secondary space)
  • Quality Control & Quantitative Control
  • Transfer to a previous chain stage (main space)
  • Repackaging
  • Wrapping, bundling
  • Labeling
  • Redistribution & re-routing






  • Spatial and logistics process studies
  • Designing optimal solutions
  • Supply Chain Organization and Reengineering Studies
  • Suggestions for proactive actions, e.g. creating business analysis service
  • Creation of on-demand solutions, especially to IT applications







Specialized Services – 4PL

  • Organization of logistics services for third parties
  • Creating a Third Party Logistics tracking mechanism
  • Inventories for third parties
  • Call Center & Customer Service for third parties according to particular commercial data





Clark with containers
Illustration of quality control

Quality Policy

A key objective of Logistics Solution 's Quality Management System is to provide a foundation for the continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes, always aiming at the continuous satisfaction of its customers' needs and expectations as much as possible.

In order to achieve the above, Management unceasingly supports and implements the basic principles and rules of the Company's Quality Management System by establishing objective quality goals, based on the thorough and constructive cooperation of both its employees and its partners.

The basic principles as they are expressed in the processes of the Company's Quality System are:

  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory framework governing the operation of the Company. Special attention is given to the management of personal data that the Company holds.
  • Compliance with pre-defined customer requirements as agreed through written contracts / agreements in order to increase their satisfaction
  • Compliance with the requirements of both Ministerial Decision IM8 / 1348/2004 concerning the "Quality System Determination of Medical Technology Distribution Companies".
  • Continuous after-sales customer support as well as constructive collaboration with all suppliers
  • Ongoing staff training and education
  • Investigating the causes of non-compliance or complaints and further identifying corrective actions

The principles of the system, as well as the objective goals for quality, are reviewed regularly by the Management of the Company in order to adapt to the new needs and developments of the commercial world, the legislative requirements as well as to achieve the goal of continuous improvement of its operations. Company.

Through the continuous reviews of the above the Management is in constant search for identifying both human and logistical needs. Management is committed to providing the resources needed to meet needs as they arise and are shaped by existing situations to the best of its ability.

All parts of the Logistics Solution are responsible for responding to, assimilating and implementing the procedures required by the Quality System through their daily activities.

It is also the responsibility of the Management of Logistics Solution to ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood and implemented by all the Company's human resources. aiming at the continuous, steady growth of its business activity with unshakable commitment to its principles and the constant offering to our customers of top quality products and services.

Our services are accompanied by:

  • Our vendor agent dedicated to you
  • Track & Trace (SSCC Standard traceability)
  • Online reports (web based)
  • KPIs – Key performance indicator
  • POD - Proof of Delivery (depending on requirement, simple or even electronic)
  • Archiving of documents (e-library on demand)
  • Cost-per-activity-specific pricing
  • EDI – Electronic data interchange
  • XML, ACSII, ANSI x12, Flat file, iDOC, EDIFACT, Web Services, FTP







package delivery